New Scottish legislation for Fire and Smoke alarms – are you compliant?

Scottish legislation has changed.
The law in Scotland has changed and as of 1 February 2022 every home now needs to have interlinked fire alarms. Being interlinked means if one alarm goes off, they all go off. You may not always hear the alarm closest to the fire, especially if you’re somewhere else in the house.
There must also be adequate Carbon Monoxide protection in any room with a fuel burning appliance.

We can help and advise on upgrading existing and new premises meet the requirements of the new legislation. As an AICO registered expert installer, we install the new 10 year sealed battery detectors which requires no mains power wiring which also means a quick mess free installation for all our clients

Working alongside a number of manufacturers and suppliers specialising in fire and security alarms, Ritchie & Goodwin provide a comprehensive range of services to protect your building. In the event of a fire, you can rest assured that our sophisticated and thoroughly planned installations won’t let you down, whether it’s a domestic installation or a fully addressable system.

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Your smoke alarms and fire alarms aren’t always in constant use, but when they are required, you’ll want to know that they work efficiently. As part of our testing and inspections, we’ll provide maintenance so that they’re operable if a time comes where they are needed.


  • Smoke alarms and fire alarms
  • Sophisticated design process
  • Installation and certification of projects
  • Regular maintenance
  • Have the very best fire detection systems thanks to our comprehensive services.
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